SistaSense Power Circle TeleSummit (2) Audio Replays

The Success of Your Business Depends On the Company You Keep

Small Business TeleSummits & Motivational Audio Series for Web Women Entrepreneurs

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SistaSense Power Circle: Small Business TeleSummits & Motivational Audio Series for Web Women Entrepreneurs

The Success of Your Business Depends On the Company You Keep

If you are new to me, my name is LaShanda Henry. I am a full time work at home mom and the creator of – a money and marketing blog for web entrepreneurs.

For years I have been sharing my money and marketing solutions with you via and now I want to once again share even more by giving you access to my circle of Powerful People who are passionate about getting you on the right path to success. Inside this series, our speaker (myself included) share the kind of “life changing”, “business building” solutions you would otherwise have to pay hundreds of dollars to receive at a live Conference Event.

When you look around your business and your life, who is there to lift you up and push you forward. I want to expand your power circle by inviting you into mines.

  • NOW is the time to transition from wishing your dreams into reality to working on them
  • NOW is the time to learn from experienced business professions genuinely invested in your success.
  • NOW is the time to get direction, seek out support, and build a power circle of your own.

This series is overflowing with motivation, information, and powerful connections. We are going to show you how to become a leader, build your brand, fix your finances, enhance your blog, take your marketing to the next level and ultimately live your best life.


LaShanda Henry
Next Level Marketing
You have an online business, blog, and followers – Now What? Find out the latest and most effective online marketing strategies for internet entrepreneurs.

Pam Perry
The Best Way to Promote Your Books & Ebooks
Writing the book feels like the hard part, but it’s actually more challenging to generate book sales. PR Expert Pam Perry knows how to turn new authors and speakers into best-selling authors and in-demand experts. In this session she talks about how to launch your book, market yourself, and even improve your book’s visibility on Amazon.

Katrina Harrell
How to Fight Your Fears and Build a Six Figure Business
We all want to be successful and reach the six figure level, but sometimes our fears and lack of support hold us back. Business Strategist Katrina Harrell shares her story and sheds light on how to your business to the next level.

Deborah Owens
A Purse of Your Own
The Seven Wealthy Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs
Do you know the names of the top two wealthiest business women today? Are you clear on their secret to success? Financial Expert (seen here in Essence Magazine) Deborah Owens can tell you exactly how wealthy women think differently and how you can too!

Jai Stone
9 Key Principles of Online Branding
People buy from the brands they recognize and trust, so if you want to build your business you have to build your brand. In this session the Brand Coach Jai Stone explains the essentials that every entrepreneur needs if they want to build a solid brand presence online.

Beverly Mahone
Building Your Buzz: How to Attract Media Attention
Radio, Television, Print and Digital Media are all platforms that can help you share your vision with the world. With years of experience in television, Beverly Mahone can show you how to effectively get the right kind of media attention for your business.

LaShanda Henry
Blogging for Business: Turning Your Blog into a PR Machine
When used correctly, your blog can be your best online marketing tool. Using her blog and social media connections LaShanda has been able to land features in Ebony, Essence, and Black Enterprise. Discover simple strategies you can use to turn your blog into a PR Marketing Machine for Your Business.

Tara Pringle Jefferson
How to Generate More traffic by Writing Great Content for Your Blog
Figuring out what to write about on your blog is probably the hardest part of building a blog that works for your business. As both a popular mom blogger and freelance writer for top magazines online, Tara knows how to attract the attention of moms, brands, magazines, and everyone in between. Discover her secrets to creating attention grabbing, quality content for your blog (even if writing and blogging is not your specialty).

Artiatesia Deal
Tech Talk: Blog Maintenance and Avoiding Hacks
Thousands, if not millions of blogs are created every week and hackers are working hard every second to take them down. If your blog is a vital part of your business, this session will help you learn how to regularly maintain your blog, back up your content and protect it from hacks.

Pam Perry
New Media Marketing: Understanding Google+
Connecting with customers online is all about being where they are. With Google+ giving Facebook a run for their money, its important that you learn how to integrate Google+ into your social media marketing strategy.

Ananda Leeke
New Media Marketing: Understanding Pinterest
As the Pinterest buzz grows thousands of entrepreneurs are reporting record traffic coming from Pinterest that exceeds the traffic they receive from twitter and Facebook combined. Social Media Expert Ananda Leeke shares the ins and outs of Pinterest and how entrepreneurs are using it to drive traffic to their websites and blogs.

Richelle Shaw
Next Level Marketing
Mastering the Million Dollar Equation
Richelle Shaw built her own million dollar business and teaches other business owners how to do the same. In this session she gives you an inside look into her Million Dollar Equation.

The SistaSense Power Circle TeleSummit and Audio Series is the creation of LaShanda Henry, web developer, online marketing expert and the creator of the SistaSense Money and Marketing Blog.

NOTE: You will NOT receive a CD in the mail. This order is for digital audio files only. Any questions, click here to contact event coordinator, LaShanda Henry.