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SistaSense Power Circle TeleSummit (1) Audio Replays

Small Business TeleSummits & Motivational Audio Series for Web Women Entrepreneurs

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SistaSense Power Circle: Small Business TeleSummits & Motivational Audio Series for Web Women Entrepreneurs

The Success of Your Business Depends On the Company You Keep

During my many years online I have had the honor and privilege of working with some amazing, powerful, and very successful entrepreneurs. Their ingenuity keeps me inspired.  Their work ethic motivates me to do more. And their support keeps me in business. Within this audio series we are going to rock your world and expand it too! Our speakers will show you how to become a leader, build your brand, improve your online sales, perfect your blogging, better utilize social media, and discover the habits of truly wealthy people.


Donna Maria Coles Johnson
Keynote Speaker
Leadership: INDIE Business Style
How to enjoy your life! Build your business! Have your way!

Deborah Owens
A Purse of Your Own: The Seven Wealthy Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Pam Perry
Using Your Book to Build Your Business

LaShanda Henry
How to Get Paid for What You Know

Jai Stone
Increasing Brand Recognition through Social Media

LaShanda Henry
Creating a Good for Your Business Blog

LaShanda Henry
The 7 Essentials to List Building and Client Attraction

Lamar Tyler
Blogging: Profit, Presence, and PR

Richelle Shaw
The Million Dollar Equation

The SistaSense Power Circle TeleSummit and Audio Series is the creation of LaShanda Henry, web developer, online marketing expert and the creator of the SistaSense Money and Marketing Blog.

NOTE: You will NOT receive a CD in the mail. This order is for digital audio files only. Any questions, click here to contact event coordinator, LaShanda Henry.