Fix My Site LaShanda! 5 Hour Website Updates Package

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Fix My Site LaShanda! 5 Hour Website Updates Package

If you want to give your website a fresh look, but you do not want to start over or break the bank try my 5 Hour Updates Package. With this package I am available to provide any of the following most frequently asked for revision options for html websites, wordpress blogs and ecommerce shopping cart sites.

  • Update your website header
  • Update your website background image / color scheme
  • Give your site a more polished and professional look by:
    Organizing your top navigation links and cleaning up your content (how your text, links and images) are being displayed on pages and/or sidebar
  • Remove or change text on your website
  • Remove or change images on your website
  • Add a Slider / Banner Rotator to your website
  • Add Video / Audio or Social Media Links to your website
  • Add Google Adsense or Graphic Banners to your website
  • Add a Sign up Form with Welcome Letter or digital gifts (example newsletter, pdf attachement, audio download)
Getting Started

To get started, once you purchase a package you just need to send me a list of the changes you would like to make.

Keep in mind this package is designed to help you update your existing website by working with what you already have and making it better.

If you want to do any of the following DO NOT purchase this package. Review the offerings at my website - I have other web design packages if you need:

  • A Completely New Site Design or Redesign including:
    New Wordpress Theme (New Layout), New Pages or Page Redesigns, New Features
  • A Landing Page
  • A Custom Ning Network - Social Network
  • A Shopping Cart and/or Products Page
  • Smaller Banner Design Projects
  • A Custom Business Card Design
  • Custom 2 Page, 4 Page or 8 Page Pdfs including:
    Pricing Lists, Catalogs and/or Newsletters

If you want to completely change your site design, review my portfolio or you need any of the following items listed below please review the other packages available on my website -

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I see any examples of your work?
    Yes, visit my website to review my portfolio -

  • Are you available for a quick call before we start?
    I communicate with most cilents via email, but I also welcome all new clients with questions to click here to schedule a consultation call with me. Your web design consultation will be credited back to whichever web package you select over $179 in value within 30 days of our consultation.

  • How does this work? What do I need to send you?
    The easiest thing to do is send me your revision request in a word document and attach it to your email message. You can also include in your email desired images, updated logos, and/or links to video and audio files. To review the complete getting started pdf guide, click here.

  • How long do updates generally take?
    Once you send me your update requests I will let you know the start date of your project. I usually start within 2-3 business days of getting your material. If my schedule is full with other projects I will definiely let you know and then we can schedule your updates accordingly.

    Most of the time when I get an update request clients want 5 things: a new header, a nice background, an organized top menu, modified text on select pages (ex about or services), a rotator or featured video and either updated photos of their products or fresh stock photos to reflect their brand. The sum total of these changes generally averages out to 5 hours, which is why I selected this timeframe when creating this package.

    To break down my turn around time alitle more ... Every client uses a different host and has their own design, which means I generally take the first hour figuring out how your website is setup and coming up with a redesign plan. If I am doing a complete redesign including customizing a wordpress theme to match your business brand, setting up new pages, images and blog posts (etc) it takes me about 15 to 25 hours over the course of 2 weeks. My popular 5 page custom site and other web packages are recommended for longer projects.

    To give you an itemized overview ... It usually takes me about 1.5 hours to design a new header or develop a new background / color scheme for a website. It takes me about 2 - 3 hours to setup a homepage rotation slider with 5 featured images. It takes me about 1 to 2 hours to find a collection of stock photos to match any giving clients brand. Text, links and image edits times can vary from 0.5 hours and up depending on how much material you want to change.

  • Can you get everything on my revision list done in 5 hours?
    I will complete all the requested revisions that I can do within the 5 hour period. If anything within your list can not be completed due to time limitations I will let you know and then you can decide whether you want to add on extra hours at $45/hour once the initial package is complete.

  • What if my project takes less than 5 hours to complete?
    If your project takes less than 2.5 hours I will give you a 50% refund. In the event your project takes between 2.5 and 4.5 hours I will credit you the remaining time in the form of additional revisions, a one hour consultation (if you have enough time left) or in the form of credit you can use within my eStore ($0.50 / minute remaining - example 30 minutes = $15 eStore Credit).

  • What if I need a lot of work done and 5 hours isn't enough?
    Use the code FIX95 to add on an extra hour of updates time for $95.

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