How to Really Make Money Coaching Online

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Cash in coach! There are two types of coaches online: broke coaches and rich ones. Discover the marketing mistakes that are holding you back and find out how my simple 3 Step System can help you attract more coaching clients online.

How to Avoid Broke Coach Mistake #1

As a web coach I have clients from various industries and many of them just happen to be coaches themselves. One of the main reasons they coaches come to me is because their struggling to attract clients online. Most of them already have a website by the time they get to me, which is good. BUT they’re tearing their hair out, trying to figure out, “Why the website isn’t bringing in business?”

Out of that frustration I discovered: Broke Coach Mistake #1
Where most coaches go wrong is that they direct traffic to a generic coaching page with a big picture of themselves, biography, and prices. Before even establishing a connection with the prospect they take them to a page that screams, “Hey read all about me and what I do and while you’re here, buy my services too. By the way, I don’t really care what your problem is, but if you buy my book I’ll show you how to fix it.” The average coaching website is usually all about the coach as a way to showcase that coach as an experienced professional, but the space you send your prospects to needs to be all about them, not you. That is the kind of poor presentation that leaves most coaches broke and very disappointed with their online presence.

The quickest way to fix that mistake is to take your potential clients to a space online that’s all about them. A space where you show that you know the questions they want to ask. A space that you already have the answers they are looking for. Let me give you a visual of how this works… in real estate, brokers always tell the sellers to empty the house as much as they can because buyers can not envision themselves living in a space full of your STUFF. The same concept applies to coaching.

Am I telling you to completely change your website? No, not at all. I’m actually suggesting that you create another kind of web space that better represents your clients and provides an opportunity for them to build a relationship with you. Creating the right website for coaching clients, attracting clients and avoiding mistakes is exactly what I discuss in my eBook: How to Really Make Money Coaching Online. Without spending a TON of money on advertising or even investing in professional glam shots, I continue to maintain successful coaching programs online by focusing on what my potential clients REALLY want and giving them exactly what they need.

If you don’t do anything else, I want you to answer one question. Are you a coach, with a great website, a wealth of knowledge, and so much to give, but you have no clients? Don’t make the #1 Broke Coach Mistake. Learn from someone with experience in both coaching and marketing online businesses.

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