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Ning is an online service designed to help you create, customize, and share a social network. Though it is both easy and free for anyone to create their own ning network, I’ve noticed that many people have questions about using ning, adding features, and effectively building their own social networking communities. Having successfully built three ning networks with collectively over 10,000 members, I decided to create this series of eBooks as a way to share what I have learned and answer some of the most common questions about creating a network on ning.

eBook #1: Create Your Own Ningalicous Network

When I created my first ning network almost a year ago, I had no idea how it would change my life. My online business has grown, my websites generate more traffic, my ad sales have increased, and I’ve met so many interesting people who enjoy doing the same things I like to do. These spaces are a reflection of who I am, as I am sure your network will be a reflection of your interests and activities. To help you build your own space on ning, I have decided to discuss topics like:

- Setting up Your Ning Network
- The Benefits of Creating a Private Network
- Creating a Ning Network that People Love
- Making Money from Your Ning Network

eBook #2: How to Make Money With Your Social Network
Now that is no longer a free service and network creators are required to pay a subscription fee, many creators in my circle have come to me for advice. They want to know if they should keep their network, what other advertising publishers exist beyond adsense, and how they can make money with their network. I decided to turn these questions into a complete guide, which is why I created this ebook. It includes answers to these questions plus tips on how to drive more traffic to your network. Please note that this guide was designed for people who use the platform, but all network creators are free to take advantage of my tips.

eBook #3: The Easy Ad Builder's Guide to Selling Ad Space Online
A big part of profiting from your network is learning how to effectively sell ad space on your network, which is why I added this eBook as a bonus gift from me to you!

Want to know more about me and my networks?
As of June 2010, I’ve been building social networks, specifically on the platform for 3 years. Collectively my top three social networks (Black Business Women Online, The Black Moms Club, and Black Writers Connect) have over 10,000 members and generate between $2,500 and $4,500 for me every month in Adsense Revenue, Ad Sales, etc. I’m a full time work at home mom so running my social networks, blogging, selling my eBooks, coaching, and building websites for clients is basically what I do.

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